Friday, July 30, 2010

Visiting Palestine through Shanghai

Believe it or not, yesterday I went to Palestine, and the stamp on my passport is the evidence for what I'm saying.
I had been looking for a kefiah for some time, and the best place to buy it was naturally Palestine, so I went straight to the cosy shop at the end of the pavilion and I was lucky enough to meet the lovely lady from Nablus and her daughter Leen only two days before their departure back to Palestine.
The pavilion reflected the class and the elegance of the Palestinians who, despite the hardships they are constantly put through, have not lost their style.
Experiencing Palestine through their costumes, shows, photos, miniatures of their cities, tea rooms and local products was great, as this is one of the hardest countries to visit due to the occupation and blockade they have been forced to since 1948.
Of course my curiosity about their rich civilisation was met only a little, and now I'm even more inspired to travel to Palestine than before.
I wish I can make it soon, but in the meantime, I will share these photos and some of the feelings they brought from the Holy Land to Shanghai Expo 2010.


John said...

Shanghai is the best place to visit. Nice blog post. Last minute travel

El Cid Vacation said...

whoa... nice photo mosaic. is that a pharaoh?

DBR said...

Hey, this is great to see! I'm in Nablus, Palestine right now, you're welcome to come and visit! The gentleman in the mosaic is Yasser Arafat, recently deceased Palestinian leader and realistic fighter for peace.

AngelaCorrias said...

Hey DBR, thanks for commenting. It's great that you are in Palestine, I wish I could go. At the moment it's not possible, but I will go for sure in the future!

AngelaCorrias said...

@ El Cid, no it's not a pharaoh, it's a picture of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat...

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