Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Gordes, on the edge of a cliff

Italian sculptor and painter Michelangelo, whose name is behind the worldwide famous Pietà and the Sistine Chapel, used to say, with a burst of modesty, that his sculptures were not really his merit, but that they were already inside the blocks of marbles and his duty was merely to bring them out.

When I saw Gordes arriving from the little country lane studded with tourists armed with the best cameras on the market, Michelangelo's quote was the first thing that crossed my mind. This charming town in the heart of Provence seems carved out of a hill and dangerously perched on its edge.

Like the other villages of this area, also in Gordes is a thriving activity of local markets and cultural events, but if visitors don't feel like shopping or attending whatever event, the town is worth a visit even only for the landscape from both inside and outside its walls.

Here a few shots


Rusty said...

Dude! its really nice spot. You had described it very beautifully. Its a quite impact full.

AngelaCorrias said...

Thanks Rusty! It's a great impact indeed, it strikes you when you arrive. I went in April and the road was full of tourists taking photos, I bet if you go during summer you need to queue on the road!

BLOGitse said...

Beautiful pictures!
I can see similar narrow streets and allies here in Casa...
One day I'll take photos of them...

Sunny greetings from Casablanca!


jessiev said...

gorgeous photos - WOW!

AngelaCorrias said...

Looking forward to seeing them, Morocco's alleys must be fascinating!

Thanks Jessie!

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