Friday, March 5, 2010

From Europe to the Middle East

I've just got back from the Middle East and am missing it already. I've travelled with British Airways and I was very happy with their services: food is not bad, entertainment is more than enough and for literally any liking, since we could choose among a wide range of movies, tv shows, videogames and music (we could even create our own cd picking up one or more songs from the available albums!).

Admittedly this time I haven't searched or compared different prices or deals, as I stayed at friends' place. I've only compared a couple of airlines flying from Europe to Abu Dhabi, but it could be worth trying to pick up a discount code at to save on travelling.

I have loved my short stay in the Emirates and already thinking about going back. When I was there I didn't get the chance to write a lot, only a small post on Dubai, but now I'll be posting more on Abu Dhabi, my desert experience and what I've learnt about their society, tellingly, quite different from the views our media give us.

I have sadly noticed, since I came back, a very negative reaction here in Europe every time I say something positive about the UAE and, astonishingly, mainly from people who have never even been there and have no clue of how their society works nor what their culture is.

I'm not sure if this hostility stems from plain prejudice (that most of the times stems from ignorance and the fear of the unknown), or an unconscious jealousy that things are working quite well in the Emirates, while Europe is collapsing every day more due to the incompetence and corruption of our current (and past) crop of politicians.

Whatever the reason is, I'm very happy for the Emirate people, and hope they'll keep enjoying the resources of their beautiful country. This being said, I'm ready to tackle every aspect of the UAE I managed to acknowledge and write about it, before heading to Southern France at the end of the month.


Terence said...

Now you know how Lara and I have felt over the past few years! It's tiring trying to correct people's wrong assumptions about Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE – especially, as you say, coming from people who have no clue about the place and have never been there.
Look forward to reading your posts!

AngelaCorrias said...

Thanks Terence! It's very tiring and frustrating seeing how people talk out of prejudice and put no effort in trying to understand a culture different from their own.

And, anyway, you don't even need to try that hard to appreciate the UAE!

Matthew Teller said...

Ditto - an interesting post. Looking forward very much to reading about your trip! I've also written lots of stuff trying to overturn prejudices about the UAE and the wider Middle East... talk about an uphill struggle!

For what it's worth I don't think people in the West are envious - my impression is most people simply have no idea about ordinary life in the region beyond sensationalist media stories. And, most of the time, don't really care, either...

AngelaCorrias said...

Thanks Matthew, I have read some of your articles on the Middle East and I understand your feelings when you say that people have no clue about the region.

The first comment I was met with when I said I was going to the Emirates was: "Are you crazy???" And now that I'm saying that I came back and show my photos trying the traditional abaya: "Are you muslim???"

I knew people were prejudiced, but here I'm finding that people doesn't want to hear positive things about the Middle East. I shall see on my next posts..

valentina said...

great photos! :)

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