Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Travel safe: B&B or luxury hotel?

Recently I've written an article about a robbery at the Hilton Hotel of Fiumicino Airport and I happen to think about it now and then. I've read about robberies and I've also been a victim sometimes, but this story has something unusual.

First of all, the fact that it happened in the Hall of the Hilton Hotel is definitely not common. Travelers, in fact, expect to get robbed more at the bus stop, on the tube, near a dodgy train station, but at the Hilton, we (at least, I) would expect some security guards around.

As I've described in the article, after the robbery, the staff of the hotel didn't rush to help the victims, proved reluctant to cooperate and their security guard appeared after half an hour. This makes me wonder: is it possible that at the Hilton is so easy to rob? Is it possible that a worldwide chain employs so unprofessional people?

According to the victim, Mr Carecci, the hotel refused to show the CCTV, so they are still waiting to know the police response.

Are we so exposed when we travel? Also, how exactly does it work at the Hilton Hotel: anybody can come in? Are there not security guards at the entrance?

After the robbery, Mr Carecci run after the thieves, who have had plenty of time to flee. What was the hotel's staff doing that particular moment? Why was the place so unprotected? Do these events happen often?

Finally, the thieves aimed directly at Mr Carecci's briefcase. Usually briefcases contain working-papers relating to companies, pretty much useless to common thieves, that's why pick-pocketers rather prefer personal bags: did they know they would have found a so high amount of cash?

This event is very unpleasant, first of all for Mr Carecci and his family, but quite ugly also for the other business travelers regular customers of the Hilton Hotel.


Cajun Chef Ryan said...

How unfortunate for the robbery, but also for the slow and poor reaction of the hotel staff and security. Not a good omen for guests of the hotel, you might want to post a comment on travel blogs and sites that review hotels.

AngelaCorrias said...

Good idea! The more people know about this, the better, for all travelers.
Thanks for stopping by!

Vacation Deals said...

bright idea of posting it.. at least many people will be aware of what is happening to that place.. thanks for sharing it..nice post.

RNSANE said...

Several years ago, at a smaller Hilton in London, in the afternoon, at tea, with three friends, my messenger bag/purse was stolen. We had finished and were getting ready to go to our rooms. In the minute that I set it down on the floor, only to put on my sweater, it was grabbed - and I do mean minute, with all of us sitting there. Of course, we went to the front desk immediately who told us they had recently been having thefts and, after mine, they posted notices on the tables in the restaurant!! I went right to the embassy since we had just arrived in London and my passport was still in my purse. Fortunately, I had a scanned copy of the front page in my suitcase, as I always do, which was a big help. The hotel was helpful but not overly. And if they had been having thefts, why did they wait till mine to post notices?

AngelaCorrias said...

Unbelievable that in expensive hotels such as the Hilton chain the security is so inefficient. It might be worth it to remind them that their guests are usually wealthy tourists.
And even after the robbery has taken place, their slow/cold reaction doesn't really make them look good.

Fly Girl said...

Security in hotels is often lax but this is ridiculous. Hilton doesn't seem to be too concerned about their image, this makes me leery of staying in any in the future.

AngelaCorrias said...

I would be upset even if something like this had happened to me at a hostel, but in hostels I know I'm taking the risk. But at the Hilton? Travelers can't spend so much and be so unsafe.

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