Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sardinia's coasts safe for now

I'm glad that on my last post for 2009 I can write good news. Recently I have written a post about the risk of seeing the small beach where I grew up destroyed by the building of a huge wind power plant. We have learnt that the project has been stopped, I'm not sure whether we need to thank politicians' wisdom or the stubborness of the inhabitants, determined not to let this overcome by bad governance.

Whatever the reason is, local as well as national politicians were pushed to find a solution in order to stop the ruthless installment of wind turbines all along Sardinian western and southern coasts.

Instead of providing clean energy, this complex of wind power plants would only have caused further pollution and a dangerous impact on the environment on an untouched bay in the island's west coast.

Apart from the negative environmental impact that such construction would have had on the small, pristine bays they were aimed at, it turned out to be a cloudy issue.

The Anti-Mafia Parliament Commission is in fact investigating on the possibility of money laundering and mafia involvement. When I first heard of this wind power plants, it didn't seem quite right: the company's social capital was way too small to be able to carry out such project to the end, so the prospect seemed to be like the many wind turbines present in the island: developing companies have clained the public funds aimed at clean energy projects and then fled once they got the money, leaving still turbines that don't have other function but polluting and spoiling the landscape.

Italian Parliament is (in)famously mafia-run, so I admit I'm pleasantly surprised at the news that an investigation has been launched. For now S'Archittu and the whole Sinis peninsula are safe. Hopefully natives will continue to enjoy their land for long.


Shannon OD said...

That is heartening news - it always makes me sad to hear about these types of places getting destroyed without thought by the political powers that be - it may not my hometown, but it does look beautiful so I'm glad it's safe :-)

AngelaCorrias said...

Thanks Shannon, it's a big relief this project has been stopped. It's a lovely tiny bay, the perfect place to relax :-)

RNSANE said...

I am amazed that someone was able to accomplish this. What wonderful news at this new year. All of us who travel cherish the beauty of special places and hate to see them destroyed by commercial interests. I haven't yet been to Sardinia but I hope to one day.

AngelaCorrias said...

Thanks Carmen, if you go to Sardinia try to make it to S'Archittu, you'll see how cute it is ;-)

Lara Dunston said...

That's such wonderful news! I haven't yet been to Sardinia, and would have loved to have gone this year, but we'll see. But a story like this is always a good news story wherever it is.

GMG said...

Hi Angela! Happy New Year!!

Thanks for your comment at Blogtrotter, which has reached 500 posts on all blogs with some views of «La Petite France, Strasbourg»! Enjoy and have a first great week in 2010!!!

AngelaCorrias said...

Thanks Lara, Sardinian coasts are very beautiful, but if you come to the island I strongly recommend a tour inland, plenty of traditions and sites to see. If I'm here when you come I'll love to show you around!

Happy New Year to you too, GMG! It's always a pleasure to see your photos :-)

Erica said...

Very good to hear that the project was finally stopped. I haven't been to Sardinia myself and would love to visit. Happy New Year!

AngelaCorrias said...

Thanks Erica, happy new year to you too. Make sure you won't miss inland sites when in Sardinia, they can be very picturesque!

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