Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sardinia between past and present

When I went to see the parade of the Mamuthones to write an article for GoNomad, I knew it was going to be emotional, but reality was well over my expectations.

Sardinia is a treasure chest when it comes to traditions. Mamuthones have been lasting for 2,000 years, but they are not alone: there are the Merdules, other masks that represent the old oxen's owners (
Mere de Ule in Sardinian language), and other festivals and celebrations reproducing a deep connection between present and past.

All rituals have something ancestral a
nd primordial that connects modern times with the dawn of civilization and what amazes me the most is that everybody, even the smallest child, is a proud and stalwart defender of their traditions.

Every celebration is the quintessence of local history blended with people's personality, as every village in Sardinia has their own idiosyncrasies, coming from the events that populated their history and the mix of foreign dominations.

Sardinia is one of the few places where the farest past is perfectly traceable and recognizable in todays life, not only because there are annual celebrations and festivals to remember historical events, but because people have unconsciously kept ancient flavors and a pretty much untouched environment.

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