Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Travelling, writing and travel writing

I’ve been blogging for years, in both English and Italian, but my posts are mostly my opinions on current affairs, as I love everything that has to do with politics, international relations and so on.
And maybe it’s because of my passion about foreign affairs that I’m specializing in travel writing. My idea of travelling is not limited to admiring breathtaking views and enjoying beach parties (although these are some aspects of the experience worth the trip!). Travelling means exploring the wonders of a destinations that can be sometimes disappointing, but inevitable. In this blog I will try to report every quirk aspect of life that travels will make me stumble across.

I believe historical and political backgrounds are crucial to understand the life of a country, how people relate to each other and why they live the way they do. Even if very often political leaders’ choices have proved that history doesn’t teach a lot, it’s unquestionable that we are living in a world resulting from our past, from human decisions, sometimes reasonable, sometimes wistful, sometimes dictated by mere personal interest and able to affect the future of a whole nation.

Journalists and writers have the big responsibility of writing for a large audience and it’s therefore imperative that they provide readers with the most accurate and honest insight. I’m originally from Italy living in London and I’ve read so many articles on Italy in which I could barely recognize the places where I grew up, apart from the mentioning of pizza and spaghetti. When a thorough research is carried out, travel writing becomes a blessing, a way to explore our multipolar world in depth and appreciate the many differences that globalization is enhancing and restraining at the same time.
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